5 best mini-series that are so good that you will finish them in a day

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Miniseries usually have a dozen episodes, so we can dedicate one weekend to them without a guilty conscience. The best mini-series have always been mysteries because, at the end of each episode, they always leave you just so dark that you can’t resist playing the next episode. Sometimes it happens that at the end of the tenth episode (when the production realizes that the series has reached enormous popularity), you see the letters “end of the first season” on the black screen; but we will try to avoid such series in this list. We bring you 5 mini-series that will intrigue you so much that you will watch them in a day.

1. The Undoing

This series exceeded all our great expectations when we saw that the lead roles were played by Nicole Kidman and Hugh Grant. This mystery takes us to Fifth Avenue, where we will have the opportunity to peek into the (un)happy lives of downtown New York. When they find one of the moms in elementary school in Manhattan dead, a story begins to develop that will keep us in suspense until the last episode.

2. Behind Her Eyes

One of the few good things that 2020 has brought us is definitely this series. The psychological thriller, which has 6 episodes, follows the story of a single mother who, after a passionate night with a stranger, realizes that he is her new boss. She starts an affair with him but also develops a friendship with his mentally ill wife. You will follow this series with your eyes wide open, while you will watch the completely unexpected end with your mouth open.

3. Bodyguard

This mini-series was declared the best British series of this decade. The plot focuses on a war veteran who has become a police officer, and his task is to protect a politician who is facing death threats. If you like political conspiracies and crime series, “Bodyguard” is their best combination.

4. Little Fires Everywhere

Reese Witherspoon and Kerry Washington can be seen on small screens for the first time in this 8-episode mini-series. In the first scene, we see the house burning to the ground, due to a fire that broke out in the bedroom. When the story goes back to the previous summer, we realize that this is a story about two women, a rich mother of four children and a single mother of a free spirit, whose lives will be destined to be connected. This crime thriller is just armor for the themes tucked deep beneath it, and that is motherhood, female ambition, and sexual politics.

5. I Know This Much Is True

Mark Ruffalo won the prestigious SAG Award for his role in this series. Based on the book of the same name from 1998, the focus of this series is on identical twins, one of whom suffers from paranoid schizophrenia. This drama cruelly exposes human misery, trauma, and tragedy. All this is covered by the veil of mystery that has hung from the moment the twins were born. Both characters are fantastically played by Mark Ruffalo, and from the supporting characters to the episodic roles, all the actors are ingenious, and you will binge this series with pleasure.

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By: Sarah R.





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