6 erotic movies you should watch with your partner

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Playing with imagination is always fun. Films have the opportunity to move us to other places, where we can enjoy everything they offer us in the dark. We went to the cinema to touch our fingers for the first time with sympathy and to kiss for the first time. In the darkness of the cinema halls, passion and desire are mixed with the smell of freshly popped popcorn.

Things we think are sexy are changing, and we can see that in movies. We started the era of kinky sex with the movie “50 Shades of Gray” and continued the story on Netflix with “365 days”The popularity of this film has shown us how much people cry out for the sexual tension conveyed by the characters on screen, which they certainly want to be shown tasteful enough to be different from what we can find on those-sites-that-we-all-visit.

What we can conclude is that such tasteful films are a rarity. Creating a really good film that will, above all, show sexual relations in a healthy way is less frequent than it should be. Scenes of sex in modern movies mostly miss the opportunity to awaken our lust, but there are also those that manage to excite both you and your partner, and these are…

Portrait of a Lady on Fire

This movie is a lesson in the modern approach to what sensual, explicit, and passionate movies should be. In an interview, director Celine Sciamma said that in the sex scenes of her characters, the viewer can get completely lost and forget that they are actually watching two people on the screen, but their feelings will be so intense.

The historical romance is set in an isolated part of France in the eighteenth century and follows a painter and a woman who is her inspiration. The film presents a broader picture of sexuality and sexual lust. It was shot in such a way that it defies everything that modern films should be, with the intention of provoking all stubborn Western directors.

Lucía y el sexo 

The collaboration of two great minds of Spanish cinema brought one of the most erotic films of all time. Recognizable by nude scenes, Lucía y el sexo is much more than an explicit film, and it creates a narrative that deals with the deepest human truths. 

The plot follows a writer who takes us from the present to the past and explains how his life is connected with Lucia. The film won prestigious Spanish awards (Goya), while the song sung by Alberto Iglesias is still one of the most listened to in Spain.

Stranger by the Lake

Alain Guiraudie is a French director who knows how to drive the viewer completely mad with lust and passion. Stranger by the Lake is a very well-balanced story about a gay couple between whom unbearable sexual tension is created one French summer. The film won two awards at the Cannes Film Festival. You have to take a look at this modern queer romance because it will completely change your vision of what experiencing an orgasm should be.

Belle de Jour

A romantic classic that has largely shaped what erotic movies should be. The film follows a young and beautiful woman, hungry for sex, eager to express her sexuality. Under the pressure of her feelings, she decides to spend one day as a sex worker. Catherine Deneuve plays a Frenchwoman who indulges in her greatest sadomasochistic lusts. While this may sound like an overly intense movie, believe us, it will fill your room with both lust and romance.

In the Mood for Love

The story follows a man and a woman who live side by side in Hong Kong in the 1960s, between whom a strong bond is formed. They merge by starting to doubt their partners at the same time. In an attempt to discover them, the two of them become closer and closer, leaving the viewer lost in lust and passion.

The Dreamers

Probably the most explicit film on this list, so we left it for last. Director Bernardo Bertolucci is known for his great production of Last Tango in Paris (which you should also watch if you haven’t already) starring Marlon Brando and Maria Schneider. However, The Dreamers is a film creation that pushes even the boundaries of the film itself.

The story follows a young American student who comes to Paris and spends all his time with his brother and sister, with whom he forms a romantic relationship. Bertolucci leaves nothing to your imagination but shows everything you could think of on the small screen.





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