8 romantic movies from 2021 that you must watch this fall

If you are a fan of romantic movies, we believe that you are very happy with the news that 2021 was quite rich in this category.

8 romantic movies from 2021 that you must watch this fall

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After 2020, which completely changed our lives, the film studio and the audience are finally returning to their synergistic pleasure.

Fortunately for all of us hopeless romantics, 2021 was quite rich in the category of love movies. However, the year has not even passed yet and we already have a list of 8 blockbusters that cause butterflies worthy of attention.

To make it easier for you to search for novelties, we recommend 8 movies that will catch your attention.

1. Dating & New York

After a dinner date, two New York millennials connected via meeting apps make a “Best Friends with Privileges” deal to avoid the pitfalls of their past relationships.

2. To All the Boys: Always and Forever

Lara Jean's life turns upside down when her younger sister sends secret letters she wrote to all the boys she loved. Still, the end of the famous Netflix trilogy brings a new question - will graduation and potentially different plans for college separate the much-loved couple?

 3. The Map Of Tiny Perfect Things

If you’re looking for a light-hearted movie for the weekend, look no further. Two teenagers who discover they’re reliving the same day over and over again decide to take the opportunity to make a map of the best things that happen that day - until one of them starts trying to find a way out of this time loop. As they spend more and more time together, they inevitably fall in love with each other.

4. Malcolm & Marie

The intimate black-and-white story and real emotional roller coaster is the first to be fully conceived and filmed during the pandemic. The plot of the film takes place one night when the couple, waiting for criticism of Malcolm's last film from the premiere of which they have just returned, begins to re-examine their entire relationship and everything they have gone through so far, blaming each other back and forth. For the role in the first season of that series, singer and actress Zendaya was awarded the Emmy Award.

5. The Last Letter From Your Lover

This interesting British double romance that jumps through time is an absolute must-see. It follows two love stories, from two different periods - a love triangle during the sixties and the discovery of letters that testified to it in the early 2000s. Reporter Ellie Haworth is tasked with writing an obituary about the editor of her paper. She and the newspaper's archivist get closer by discovering several love letters from previous years and managing to find the senders, who are still alive, encouraging them to write one last letter to each other.

6. In the Heights

Before writing "Hamilton", Lynn Manuel Miranda also wrote "In The Heights", a musical based on the multicultural working community in the area where he grew up. This film adaptation of the theatrical musical awarded in 2008 by Tony, with rap and salsa, talks about immigrants, cultural and generational gaps, the demolition of ruined buildings, and turning the area into a luxurious space, but also about love.

7. The Dig

The film is based on a true event - the excavation of the Sutton Hoo archeological site in England and follows the story of the archaeologist who led the entire project. At first glance, it doesn't sound at all romantic, but in the film, two tragic love stories actually take place, which will make everyone think.

8. Sweet & Sour

This lively South Korean story brings a tug of emotion about a couple in love who unexpectedly fall into the trap of a long-distance relationship. The difficulties they face as well as the attempts to succeed when you are in two different places are the focus of this romantic story.

By: Sarah R.