A new bizarre trend on TikTok: Users remove their own moles

TikTok, a popular platform mostly used by the younger generations, has been in the public spotlight for some time now due to the bizarre trends that users share through various videos. A new trend that has shocked dermatologists is one in which TikTokers remove their moles on their own.

A new bizarre trend on TikTok: Users remove their own moles

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Dermatologist Shah shared a video in which he reacts to the video of the removal of the mole. Namely, the video shows how the hairstylist removes the bump from the client's head using a thin thread.

You should never allow your barber to remove skin lesions or any skin tags from your skin. You have to talk to a doctor about things like this,” Shah said, explaining that such ventures are very dangerous.


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Several more shots are available on TikTok showing other methods of removing lesions /warts/ moles from the skin. Shah points out that none of these options are safe and approved in medicine.

The dermatologist took the opportunity to urge all users of the popular platform not to follow this bizarre trend. Nevertheless, the hashtag #moleremoval is currently followed by millions of people on TikTok.

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By: Sarah R.