“A non-binary person can dream” – Demi Lovato reveals how they got rejected by Emily Hampshire

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Namely, Canadian actress Emily Hampshire (40) was a guest on Lovato’s podcast “4D with Demi Lovato“, and the two of them remembered the moment they first met. Emily thought it would be interesting for the audience to hear about that weird and funny situation.

Can I say how we first met? Not even met, because I think it’s really funny!” said Hampshire before talking about the DM message she received from Lovato at the time.

You slid into my DMs and said, ‘I like you in the series, we should kick it sometime,” Hampshire said through a laugh, adding, “And then you wrote, ‘By going kick it I mean to go on a date. I find you attractive“, the actress explained and said that she liked the fact that Lovato was direct.

The singer then added: “You told me that you were much older, that you didn’t think that we would find the same things funny.” Although things between the singer and the actress did not go in the direction of a romantic relationship, their relationship has a happy ending. The two of them have remained good friends despite the uncomfortable beginnings. 

And Demi Lovato is a non-binary person.

A non-binary person can dream. I thought, ‘what’s the worst that can happen?’” Lovato said at the end, adding: “And then I made a really good friend. I’m happy about that.

By: Helen B.





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