A search warrant issued for Marylin Manson

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Controversial musician Marilyn Manson, 52, was searched by investigators at a home in West Hollywood after a series of allegations of sexual abuse, the New York Post writes. 

Mason was not at home at the time, and a search warrant was issued to Los Angeles police. According to the report after the search, the police officers removed all technological devices that could be used to store some content. 

A Los Angeles police spokeswoman said she was aware of the search report but did not want to reveal any details. 

 Photo Credits: profimedia

Recall, in order to find out the real truth about Marilyn Manson, 55 interviews were held.  Rolling Stone recently called him:

‘a monster hiding under everyone’s noses’. 

According to them, Manson bought the apartment from a musician who had a built-in glass soundproof room in the corner of the larger room, which was intended for electronic music.

Manson, whose real name is Brian Warner, has been accused of sexual and physical abuse by more than 15 women. One of the victims, his ex-girlfriend Ashley Morgan Smithline recounted her experience and is suing Manson for sexual abuse and a severe form of deprivation of freedom of movement.

At first, he described the room as ‘very cool’, and later he described it as extremely criminal. You fight first, but he enjoyed it. I learned not to fight, so as not to give him pleasure, I would just float away in my thoughts. If I screamed, no one would hear, ”she said.

Manson called the room a ‘room for naughty girls’, sources said.

Musician Marilyn reportedly had a very dark apartment, full of black furniture and pornographic photos on the walls, as well as a swastika. He also kept the temperature very low, so one of the ex-girlfriends named the apartment ‘black fridge’.

Manson’s former assistant claims that the room exists, but that he has never seen anyone locked inside. The singer denies all charges and claims that all his sexual relations were ‘exclusively consensual’.





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