A trick to find out whether your lungs are healthy!

Photo Credits : Erick Zajac

With this quick test, you can check the condition of your lungs, and the process is so easy that just about anyone can do it.

All you will need is one match or lighter and a little time.

First, light a match and extend your hand in which you hold it as far away from you as possible, then inhale deeply into your nose and then exhale out through your mouth. 

 Photo Credits: Unsplash
Devin Avery/Unsplash

It is necessary to do the test in a room that is ventilated, but in which there is no stronger air movement.

How many times did you have to repeat this process before the match went out?

If you needed to blow it a few times to put it out, then you probably have lung problems. These problems can be caused by smoking, lack of physical activity, and chronic respiratory diseases.

However, keep in mind that lung capacity can be affected by lifestyle as well as disease. 





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