Adam Driver and his wife Joanne Tucker

Photo Credits : Samir Hussein/WireImage

Adam Driver and his wife Joanne Tucker rarely talked about their private lives in public, and for two years they also kept it a secret that they had a son.

Adam Driver is one of the most sought-after actors today. His popularity progressed in recent years. The 38-year-old actor is the star of “Gucci Dynasty” in which he starred with Lady Gaga and embodied the murdered heir to the fashion empire Maurizio Gucci. While everyone writes about his business success, information about his private life also leaks.

The actor met his wife Joanne at Julliard, and she is responsible for his fashion expression. Tucker makes sure her husband has dressed appropriately for every occasion, but Driver laughs and says that without her he would still be walking around in a tracksuit, no matter what anyone else said.

The couple got engaged in 2012, and a year later they stood in front of the altar at a private ceremony from which not a single photo has leaked to the public until today. Lena Dunham and her then-boyfriend Jack Antonoff were reportedly present at their wedding, but the actress never confirmed or denied it.

Driver keeps his personal life away from the public, so many of his fans were shocked by the fact that he is a father. Adam and his wife have kept the information that their son was born for more than two years, and it is still unknown what his name is or how old he is.

In his work, the greatest critic is the actor himself. He said he once watched the first episode of the “Girls” series and saw every detail and mistake he made. He concluded that he was a really bad actor, but that was what encouraged him to improve. He has never seen or planned any of his films, and one of them is “Marriage Story” for which he received an Oscar nomination.

His wife is also an actress. Joanne made her big-screen debut in 2011 in the movieLoft”. She appeared in the movies “The Report” and “Give or take”, and she mentioned several times that she was more dedicated to family life than her career. She also appeared with her husband in one episode of the “Girls” series.





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