Adele on a high note – Oh My God!

New album released!

The new album is out, and there’s a new video that’s getting a lot of attention! Adele‘s video for the song “Oh My God” was published, and the public was wowed by both her singing and her appearance. The fourth studio album elicited a lot of emotion since he is candid and discusses Adele’s difficult divorce. On the album, she bared her soul, and her every word is echoed in the songs. The new song is upbeat, and the accompanying video is shot in black and white and features the singer sitting in a chair surrounded by apples.

“Oh My God” was finally released in its entirety. In a short amount of time, the video stirred the reactions of people all across the world. Adele is stunning, and extra focus is directed to the dancers, who bring a sense of art to the story.

We couldn’t help but notice and admire these fantastic outfits!

The first dress you’ll see is a black gown with wavy sleeves and a large bow. Her hair was pulled back into a bun and curled in swirls towards her cheeks. She accented her look with pearl earrings that complement the dot pattern and black pointed heels. The make-up was refined and powerful.

Another style pairing is gorgeous. Adele’s hair emanated sophistication, and she made it apparent that the golden era of Hollywood is far from dead!

Adele’s chair is on fire by the end of the video, symbolizing a new era and the end of her marriage. This could also be an aversion to sitting in hard seats with no cushions. 

Not only did she release an album, but she is also writing, history. The singer will earn over £500k per night for her residency in Las Vegas, but also a £30,000 apartment with butler and free food and drink.

Weekends With Adele tickets vary from £700 to £9,000 + at Caesars Palace’s Colosseum.
The legendary vocalist will take a cut of all tickets sold and merchandise sold at the 4,200-seat facility.

Caesars will provide her with a £30,000-per-night private apartment, a butler, executive assistant, chauffeur, and security during her stay.

Adele and her company will be allowed to eat and drink for free at any Caesars resort.

According to a source, “Adele is the hottest ticket in Las Vegas right now and she’s raking in a pretty penny from it.

“She is expected to make over £500,000 per gig thanks to ticket sales alone, even before the merchandising.

“Caesars has rolled out the red carpet to ensure she’s treated like the superstar she is.”

Rod Stewart‘s 2012 residency at the Colosseum is thought to have fetched him £1.9 million for each show.

Between 2017 and 2019, Lady Gaga‘s MGM Park Theater residency is reportedly believed to have earned her well over £700,000 each show.





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