Adele shows face with no make-up!

Photo Credits : nikki tutorials youtube/screenshot

Makeup is known to have an incredible power of transformation, which is why some celebrities often hide their natural looks while paparazzi try to catch them.

We can cover all imperfections with make-up, hide flaws and highlight the good sides of the face, and it often happens that a large amount of make-up completely destroys someone’s appearance.

 Photo Credits: nikki tutorials youtube/screenshot

But famous Dutch YouTuber and make-up artist Nikkie de Jager (known on Youtube as Nikkie Tutorials) in her video did the popular singer Adele’s makeup, who recently sang on her new album about everything she went through in marriage and life.

The singer, who has definitely managed to make a transformation of the year that has been talked about for months, decided to show in a mini video how her face looks without makeup.

Adele emphasized the power of covering up with make-up, without which few famous ladies today decide to appear in public.

To make everything better and clearer to see all the magic of makeup, Nikkie made up only one half of Adele’s face and left the other completely without makeup.

She first applied foundation to that first half and then highlighted the eyebrows that Adele, she says, likes to do herself because they are naturally pale.

Then Niki did Adele’s eyes, which were made up with the smokey eyes technique by adding a black eyeliner.

After a few finishing touches and lipsticks, Adele finally joked and said that with this ‘half-make-up’ she looks like the Joker, but in a positive way.

The video was watched by more than five million people in just three days, and many in the comments pointed out that the singer is beautiful and without makeup.





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