After 10 years Arnold is officially divorced!

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According to foreign media reports, the famous couple, who have been living separately for more than a decade, has now finally finalized their divorce. The divorce was led by a private judge who signed the final documents earlier this month, but according to Supreme Court rules requiring the case to be handed over to a competent judge, the marriage ended only this week.

The divorce lasted for many years largely due to a complex property settlement agreement. Although the final details are confidential, rumors are that it is very likely that the pair will split the estimated $ 400 million in half.

Now the former couple, who got married in 1986, did not have a prenuptial agreement.

The beginning of the end of their marriage was the moment when it became known that Arnold had conceived a child 24 years ago with their former housewife Mildred Baen. The former governor of California hid the fact that he was Joseph’s father for 15 years, and Mildred claimed that the boy was the son of her now ex-husband Rogelio Baena.

Joseph’s great resemblance to his father led Maria Shriver to question Mildred about the child’s real father, and she eventually admitted the truth. Soon after, Maria and Arnold decided to break up.

‘It’s a very difficult situation for her. Equally, it is a very difficult situation for my children. A very difficult situation for my family. It was hard for everyone. But it happened and now we have to find a way and move on, Arnold told Howard Stern in 2015.

The ‘Terminator’ star has four children with his now ex-wife – Katherine (32), Christina (30), Patrick (28) and Christopher (24). Although both have been in relationships with others since the break-up, the former spouses could often be seen dating children together, and they would often be joined by Joseph, who now works in the real estate market.

Recall, the Terminator star says that people wanting freedom is no excuse for not following the rules and draws a parallel with respecting traffic lights on the roads to keep other people safe.

We set up traffic lights at intersections so that someone wouldn’t accidentally kill someone else. You can’t sayno one is going to tell me to stop at this traffic light’ and go straight through it, because if you kill someone it will be your doing, ’ says Schwarzenegger. The Hollywood legend has been an advocate of epidemiological measures against Covid-19 since the beginning of the pandemic, and he also boasted about the vaccine he received on Instagram.

When it comes to pandemics, says Schwarzenegger, it is important to follow the rules of experts, but that due to the existence of misinformation, people neglect the basics such as washing hands and cleaning surfaces.

People like dr. Anthony Fauci, Schwarzenegger points out to Americans, has been studying these things all his life and should be respected and listened to.

Yes, you have the freedom not to wear a mask, but you know what? You are a shmuck if you don’t wear it because you need to protect everything around you, ‘said Arnie.

‘I don’t want to make a villain out of anyone here, but I just want to tell everyone that we need to stop fighting each other and start working together because the virus exists and it’s better to get vaccinated and wear a mask, says Schwarzenegger.

Schwarzenegger’s reaction came after the events in Tennessee when a furious crowd objected after a school board meeting Tuesday night and threatened officials who, after a rise in Covid infections, decided to return masks to elementary school students because Covid vaccines were not yet available to young people.





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