After ‘giving birth’, Lil Nas X posed naked as a jaybird

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Lil Nas X released his first full album, Montero, on Friday, after a very entertaining advertising campaign in which the young artist repeatedly wore a fake pregnant belly preceding the album’s “birth”.

But he decided to celebrate the release of his first album in a different way. On Saturday night, on his Twitter and Instagram profile, he asked his followers if they had already streamed the album and shared a nude photo of himself.

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After all, the video for the album’s latest single, “That’s What I Want, was probably his most provocative to date. In that video, he is shown as a gay football player who had sex with one of his teammates in the locker room after the game.

The video can easily be interpreted as a statement about homophobia in sports that keeps so many gay athletes in the closet.

Watch the video for “That’s What I Want” here.

By: Helen B.





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