Alec Baldwin finally spoke about the tragedy

Photo Credits : Getty Images

Alec Baldwin brought new details in the whole story, saying that he did not pull the trigger. Is that possible?

Baldwin said this during an interview with George Stephanopoulos for ABC and concluded that it was the worst thing that ever happened to him.

In a teaser of an interview scheduled for Thursday morning, Alec was tearful and clearly denied that he fired the bullet. He said the gun inexplicably fired after he picked it up.

“The trigger was not pulled, I didn’t pull the trigger. I would never point a gun at anyone, ever. Someone put a real bullet in a gun, a bullet that shouldn’t even be there.”

Stephanopoulos said Alec spoke to him in detail about everything that happened on the day of the shooting.

“As you can imagine he was crushed, but he was also very honest and very open. Alec answered every question. He talked about Halyna Hutchins and also talked about meeting her family. He went through in detail what happened then on the set, ” Stephanopoulos said after the interview.

The police will continue to investigate the shooting and now they believe that the bullet found in Baldwin’s gun was there on purpose and the investigation is focused on that.





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