Alec Baldwin spoke for the first time on camera about the camerawoman's death: 'She was my friend ...'

His wife filmed the assembled paparazzi the whole time, and at one point addressed them in a raised voice.

Alec Baldwin spoke for the first time on camera about the camerawoman's death: 'She was my friend ...'

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Alec Baldwin spoke for the first time about the death of Halyna Hutchins in front of TMZ cameras.

The paparazzi are following him tirelessly these days wherever he appears, and he finally stopped the car on a road in Vermont to address the public. With him was his wife Hilaria.

- What do you want to know? he asked at the paparazzi.

"I am not allowed to comment because the investigation is ongoing," Baldwin told the crowd.

- That's what the sheriff's office in Santa Fe ordered me to do. I can't answer questions about the investigation. I can't, an investigation is underway about the woman who died - he repeated.

- She was my friend. The day I arrived on the set I took her to dinner with the director, we were a team that worked great and then this horrible incident happened - said the visibly shaken actor.

His wife was filming the assembled paparazzi the whole time. At one point, she addressed the crowd in a raised voice.

- Halyna, her name was Halyna. If you spend so much time researching all this, then you should know her name, ”she shouted.

- I met her family, her husband ... They were devastated. Various accidents happen in film sets, but nothing like this, this happens once in a billion cases ... He and his nine-year-old son are in shock, we are in constant contact with them. We are waiting for the sheriff's office to let us know what they discovered in the investigation - said Baldwin.

He added that he believes that new security measures should be introduced on sets where weapons are used.

- Real weapons must not be used on sets. I’m not an expert on those things, but some other people are. Whatever they decide, it should be done to protect the people on the set. I will cooperate on this in any way I can - concluded Baldwin.

In the end, he said that he doubted that the filming of "Rust" would continue. Before they left, his wife warned the paparazzi that his children in the car were crying “because they were tirelessly” following them.

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By: Amber V. - Gossip Whispers