Alice Evans asks for financial help!

Alice Evans is asking for financial help after she went bankrupt due to divorce.

Alice Evans asks for financial help!

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There is no end to the private drama of Alice Evans (53). She is attracting attention since January last year with her divorce from Ioan Gruffudd (48). The actress, who met her ex-husband on the set of the popular film '102 Dalmatians', revealed that she found herself in a difficult financial situation. Namely, Alice asked her followers on social networks to pay her as much as they could on the GoFundMe page in order to collect money for the costs of the divorce lawsuit and the lawyer.

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She admitted that she went bankrupt and that because of that she had to fire the legal team that had represented her until then. By the way, Evans said in mid-March that she and her daughters Ella (12) and Elsie (8), whom she got with Ioan, could become homeless. 'I had a hard day today. The girls and I learned that we would soon lose the only home they ever knew. In two months we will be homeless. I was reluctant to share this because when your ex pays a lot of money to silence you, you risk imprisonment if you speak out, ' she wrote in a post she has revised in the meantime.

Recall, Ioan filed for divorce from Alice after 13 years of marriage and revealed that he is in love with 20-year-younger actress Bianca Wallace. He then applied for a restraining order for Evans due to domestic violence. In the request, which he submitted to the court, he wants the actress not to approach him or his girlfriend Bianca less than 100 meters away. He pointed out that he told Evans that he was unhappy in their marriage back in August 2020, and she reacted to that with threats.

 'She kept telling me between August 2020 and January 2021 that if I left her she would make false accusations against me, sell untrue stories to the media and ruin my career,'  Ioan stated.

‘Alice told me many times that she will do to me what Amber Heard did to Johnny Depp. She threatened to tell people that I had abused her and our daughters, threatened to call the police and lie to people that I was a drug addict. She wanted to put me in jail. She also said that she would write a fake diary of her as a victim of abuse and publish it, and she also threatened to destroy my mother, ' Gruffudd wrote in his statement.

He also revealed that he had received hundreds of harassing text messages, voice messages and videos and that she also sent threatening emails to his mother Margaret Griffiths. He submitted evidence of his wife's terrible messages on 113 pages.

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