Alison Brie almost went bling after an accident

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It all happened 30 years ago, and it could have changed her whole life.

Actress Alison Brie is known all over the world today, and one incident from the past almost changed her whole life. As she said, she had an accident 30 years ago because of which she could remain blind.

I was a very small child. I ran across the playground, I didn’t look around and I came across another girl, who was four times bigger than me” – Alison said and recalled how she fell and hit her head on the concrete. “As I went to the nurse, I felt that something was wrong. I obviously had a concussion.” 

As the nurse was not in the office at the time, the rest of the staff at the school found an alternative solution. “One woman told me to lie down and close my eyes, and I shouldn’t have done that.”

When her father came and took her to the hospital, things started to get worse.

Dad came and from that moment I don’t remember anything. The next thing I remember, I was sitting in the back of the car and I couldn’t see anything. It was like closing your eyes, but there was little light here” – says Alison and continues:

I started crying hysterically and opening my eyes as much as I could. Nothing happened. That’s when I started thinking I might have gone blind.” At that moment, her father almost had a car crash, and the actress ended up on the car’s floor. A family friend drove her sister and her to the hospital.

They did an examination for me, and they told my parents that if my sight does not return in 12 hours, I may remain permanently blind” – says Alison, but, fortunately for her, everything ended well.

Alison Brie is an American actress, writer, voice artist, and producer known for her roles in shows and films such as Trudy Campbell in “Mad Man“, Annie Edison in “Community“, Lucy Sherrington in “No Stranger in Love“, Princess Unikitty in “Lego“, Diane Nguyen in “BoJack Horseman“, Ruth Wilder in “GLOW“, Rebecca Fuller in “My Alibi“, Michelle in “The Rental“, Lucy in “How to Be Single“, Elaine “Lainey” Dalton in “Sleeping with Other People“, Lally Weymouth in “The Mail“, Madison McPhee in “Promising Young Woman“, and Beth in “Save the Date“.





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