Álvaro Morte – the driving force behind Money Heist

Photo Credits : www.alamy.com

The grand finale of the popular series “La Casa de Papel arrived on small screens this week and judging by the announcement of the second part of the fifth season, the audience should expect a real spectacle.

The series about the robbers of the national money factory led by the genius Professor began airing in 2017 on Spanish television and gained global popularity after its potential was recognized by Netflix and taken over for further production. It is the Professor who is the central character of the whole story and was embodied by 46-year-old Spanish actor Álvaro Morte.

Álvaro Antonio García Pérez was born on February 23, 1975, and grew up in Córdoba, Spain. Although he originally wanted to study electrical engineering, he changed his mind at the last minute and enrolled in the Drama Academy. After completing his studies in Spain, he went on to a master’s degree in Finland and then settled in Madrid.

He began his career with minor roles in the Spanish series, which won over audiences for many years. He also broke through in the theater, and has his own production theater company “300 pistols”. After appearing as a Professor in the “La Casa de Papel” series, he achieved worldwide fame and also landed several roles in Netflix projects.

At the age of 33, Morte overcame a tumor on his left thigh, and in several interviews, he commented that he had a successful operation. His great popularity has not significantly changed his life in a private sense, and Morte has been happily married to stylist Blanca Clemente for many years. The couple has twins together, Leona and Juliet. They were together for a long time before going to the altar, and they keep the details of their relationship out of the public eye.





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