Amal Clooney in an amazing polka dots outfit

Photo Credits : depositphotos

If you want the outfit with polka dots not to look “crowded” but reduced and chic, be sure to apply this trick of George Clooney’s wife.

A few days ago, human rights lawyer Amal Clooney attended an emergency meeting at the United Nations regarding the situation in Ukraine, where the war with Russia is still ongoing.

For this occasion, Amal has prepared a business attire combination, perfect for such a serious and important gathering, but with the features by which her style is recognizable: enthusiasm, cheerfulness, and a little fashion experiment!

George Clooney’s wife brought a two-piece Dior set consisting of a short-sleeved blazer and a skirt above the knee, decorated with striking polka dots. The upper part of this set is waisted, which is why Amal’s slender figure stands out, while the skirt is close to the body.

Beige polka dots on a black background certainly made all the eyes in New York look at Amal Clooney, and she used a powerful trick to wear the polka dots. Namely, the lawyer achieved a perfect balance by carrying such an effective set of the simplest lacquered loungewear from the Givenchy brand and a Christian Dior bag in black, without unnecessary details. So all the focus is on the clothes, and the outfit doesn’t look crowded and, nevertheless, reduced and in line with the occasion.

In addition, polka dots are a simple and chic way to make a complete outfit playful, and cheerful and to bring the spirit of spring into the style, and they are also considered a rejuvenating design, so it’s no wonder that they have been returning every May for decades! By the way, Amal also wore this costume in 2015, and even then she decided to “play it safe” and combine it with a completely black and neutral bag and shoes.

If you like polka dots outfits, but you are still not sure how to combine them, there are some ideas in our gallery! Check it out!





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