Amber mentioned Kate Moss in her testimony!

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Many believe that Amber Heard, in one sentence, or more precisely in one name, completely ruined or even destroyed any chance of coming out of the trial with her ex, Johnny Depp, as the winner.

Namely, while the jury was talking about the first time she hit Depp, Heard insinuated that Depp once pushed his ex-girlfriend Kate Moss down the stairs. She was talking about one of the quarrels at their Los Angeles home in 2015 when, she claims, her younger sister Whitney stood between her and Johnny to settle the quarrel. When Depp, she said, allegedly swung at Whitney, who had her back to the stairs.

‘I immediately thought of Kate Moss and the stairs, and I just swung towards him. In all my relationships so far, I have not dealt anyone a single blow. That was the first time I hit Johnny straight in the face,’ she said.

That moment of testimony went viral, especially because of the reaction of Johnny Depp and his legal team who couldn’t hide their delight at hearing the supermodel’s name.

But what does that mean for the trial? Some media pointed out that Amber’s mention of Kate Moss opens the door for Johnny’s lawyers to bring to court the details of her former relationships, especially those with painter and photographer Tasya Van Ree because Amber ended up in police custody. Police intervened after Amber physically assaulted the then-girl at the airport.

Another possible reason why Johnny’s lawyer celebrated in court is that he can now call her as a witness, but so far there is no information whether she will actually come.

When the actress first said it in court in 2020, Depp vehemently denied it, saying he was never violent. Moss never spoke out about the allegations, but she also never mentioned that Johnny was violent toward her. On the contrary, even after breaking off her four-year relationship in 1998, she always spoke all the best, and on one occasion she revealed that she had cried for him for years.





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