ANTEC Cannon: An open-frame case 

Photo Credits : ANTEC/Promo

Here we find an open-frame case that is similar to the Striker but significantly larger in size. Indeed, the Striker only accepted Mini-ITX motherboards as much as feasible, whereas the new ANTEC Cannon chassis easily accommodates E-ATX motherboards.

The dimensions of this new open-frame box are 604 x 261 x 481 mm, and it weighs 10 kg. It is made entirely of aluminum and is CNC machined. As a result, this is a new reference that is sure to please modders and custom water cooling enthusiasts.

You’ll notice that its design allows you to emphasize the smallest aspect of its configuration. The graphics card, for example, will be highlighted on the front of the case, which can also be used by a radiator with a diameter of up to 360 mm and a thickness of no more than 45 mm.

The radiator/pump slots will be on the right side (possibilities to place two 360 mm radiators with a maximum thickness of 60 mm one above the other to give a view of two rows of fans ).

The left lateral side will provide a view of the motherboard at 90°, but we can also add a tank on this side. Finally, we can have a second radiator up to 420 mm on the back for a thickness of less than 45 mm.

In terms of storage, a 3.5′′ hard drive or up to two 2.5′′ storage devices can be placed in a bracket provided. This can be mounted in three different places on the chassis. These are the same slots for the 3.5′′ and 2.5′′. However, at the age of M.2, that may not be as important. Also, the CPU cooling system’s height should not exceed 85 mm.

This virtually compels you to use water cooling, whether AiO or custom. However, we must acknowledge that this case is specifically intended for bespoke water cooling. This is how the brand shows it on its product sheet as well.

The graphics card should not be wider than 385 mm, and the power supply should be no deeper than 270 mm. The PCIe 4 riser has a little accuracy. Take note of that for cable management. The casing has a gap in the center. When you have components on both sides of the chassis, you must eventually locate the cables.

In this case, we may already envision designing a unique water cooling system for new extreme construction. Finally, we’ll show you the presentation video. Go to the source for additional information on this ANTEC Cannon open-frame case.





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