Anti-aging: Beauty rituals of Eva Mendes (46) include gadgets

The cosmetic scene and technology are on common ground in the sphere of gadgets that roll, massage, and generally stimulate the blood flow in facial skin, and the famous actress is a big fan of this technology

Anti-aging: Beauty rituals of Eva Mendes (46) include gadgets

Photo Credits: Getty Images

Although Eva Mendes is 46 years old, her skin looks much younger because the famous actress uses a minimal beauty routine that includes her favorite facial massage gadget.

"Small devices, including the Microcurrent with electricity, are the best way to keep your skin youthful. One of my favorites is a roller that reduces facial swelling, I make sure to keep it in the fridge, in order to do the job as well as possible," said Mendes for Women's Health.

"I am totally obsessed with coconut oil, it nourishes not only the face but also the hands, the body skin. In addition, I use creams with exceptional hydrating properties," said Mendes.

She thinks that hydration starts from the inside.

"It's important to me to drink plenty of water. It all starts with it because hydration starts from the body. There are always bottles of water near me, I can see exactly how much water I drink on my skin," added the actress.

Although there is a lot of talk about cleansing the skin in the morning, the actress skips that step. "I don't clean my face in the morning, because then I have the feeling that my skin is very dry," says the famous brunette.

At home, she uses many formulas that she makes herself, with ingredients from the fridge.

"If I'm extra bloated, I just put my face in ice water, and as for the formulas from the fridge, my favorite mask is yogurt plus sea salt."  Mendes points out, adding that she keeps her beauty routine simple because she thinks it suits her skin.

By: Sarah R.