Apple is already testing USB-C adapters

Photo Credits : Depositphotos

Only a few years ago, we discussed the earliest speculations that Apple was planning to use the USB-C connector on its upcoming iPhone this year.

A claim that has gained traction when Bloomberg confirmed that the company is already exploring the expansion of USB-C adapters already available in its MacBook and iPad into the rest of its ecosystem.

According to Bloomberg, the adaptor under testing will “enable future iPhones to function with accessories intended for the present Lightning port” in addition to the USB-C connector itself.

This might include a Lightning to USB-C adaptor for devices such as credit card scanners or flash drives that plug into existing iPhones. Some adjustments that would, at the very least, hint to next year.

Indeed, the switch to USB-C would be an improvement over Apple’s iPhones, with a connector that is only slightly larger than Lightning but offers faster power charging and data transmission.

Despite the fact that the transition from micro USB to USB-C appears to be a matter of time, Apple continues to defend its brand-exclusive Lightning charges.

However, beyond Apple’s probable interests, it is that the new regulations presented to the European territory would necessitate a full rethinking of its ports.

This is primarily motivated by the hunt for a decrease in electronic waste. In fact, if it continues to progress at its current rate, Apple will be compelled to provide USB-C functionality in order to continue selling phones in the community market.

As a result, while this new regulation does not appear to take effect until the next year 2026, everything indicates that Apple is planning a gradual transformation of its products, which might begin as early as next year.

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