Applications of Mass Flow Control in Pharmaceutical Industry


In the Pharmaceutical Industry, there is a great need to measure the flow to make the liquid medicines including solutions, syrups, and mixtures etc as well as the manufacturing of the tablets in wet granulation. Manufacturing of medicines requires a higher level of accuracy and monitoring of the essential ingredients. This Can be easily achieved with the help of a liquid mass flow controller. There is a great need in the medical industry to have precise control over Nitrogen and other gases. 

Applications of Flow Controller:

Below we have listed four applications of the electronic flow control: 

  • Tablet and Pill Coating.
  • Nitrogen Blanketing.
  • Nitrogen Purging.
  • Reducing Wastage.

Tablet and Pill Coating:

When you are coating the tablets then it is necessary to run a constant, uniform and defect free procedure to coat the precise amount of each ingredient. The overdose or variation in the coating thickness can change the end product. Coating process depends upon the control of the airflow. The change in the air flow can affect the pressure, humidity and the coating process as well. Using an effective and accurate liquid mass flow controller lets you have the precise control to maintain a stability in the airflow as per the need of the system.  

Nitrogen Blanketing:

A proportional valve controller is used in the pharmaceutical industry and other places where you have to exclude the oxygen. In this way, you can reduce the risk of explosions that are always there due to handling powder and helps prevent the oxygen reactions with the ingredients. Monitoring the required delivery of the nitrogen is possible with the help of a liquid mass flow controller.

Nitrogen purging:

This is a technique that is utllized to enhance the life of the product. When you push the precise amount of nitrogen with the proportional flow control in the packaging process then the oxygen goes out from the packet and you get an oxygen free zone. In this way you can reduce the pharmaceutical waste and ensure the safety of the  consumers. Electronic pressure controllers inform you in the case of any operational issue occurring during the packaging of the medicines. Nitrogen purging is used to keep the medicine safe and enhance the usage life of the medicine for the end users.

Reducing Wastage:

In the manufacturing of the medicines the variations can lead to the waste of expensive ingredients. By using the accurate quantity of the ingredients you can reduce the over consumption of material. An accurate liquid mass flow controller is the key to precisely monitor the mass of the fluid passing through the system and also enables you to have a strong control over flow rate. 

Final Words:

The use of the liquid mass flow controller is increasing day by day in the pharmaceutical industry because of its capability of providing the precise measurement of the mass flowing through the system and providing a perfect control over the flow rate. That’s why it is necessary to use a reliable and responsive solenoid valve flow control for a system. 

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