Ariel Winter’s reasons to leave Hollywood

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As she points out, she will now finally be able to enjoy her youth…

Actress Ariel Winter, who is best known for her role as Alex Dunphy in the series “Modern Family“, recently revealed that she decided to leave Los Angeles and move to an unknown location. As she points out, she wanted to live a peaceful life, without the paparazzi following her everywhere.

One of the reasons why I always hated Los Angeles is that the paparazzi followed me everywhere for a good part of my life. And I really hate when someone interferes with my life” – said Ariel, and continued:

I don’t like to be photographed when I didn’t allow it. I don’t like to feel like everyone is watching me. I have always wanted to live a peaceful life.

As she said, she was expected to live such a life that photographs of her appeared everywhere and information about her wherever she goes and whatever she does. At one point she was overwhelmed and moved to an unknown location with her boyfriend and their dogs.

People always told me, ‘If you don’t like LA, why don’t you move out?’ And then I suddenly thought, ‘Why don’t I do that?’ We sold our car, bought a jeep that we could fit in with all our dogs, sold my house, and left” – says the actress. “I will finally be able to spend a little of my youth more peacefully, and I couldn’t do that before,” she concluded.

Even though she moved away, that doesn’t mean she left Los Angeles completely, which is the center of the film and TV industry in America. She is shooting a new series “Hungry” in which she plays the lead role, which was previously given to singer Demi Lovato. As it is stated, due to the schedule, Demi could not interpret this role, and she is entrusted to Ariel, while the singer will remain a producer. We really enjoyed watching Ariel in “Modern Family” and we are excited to see her in this new accomplishment.





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