Aryana Sayeed from the evacuation airplane: I'm alive!

One of the people on the evacuation airplane from Afghanistan was Aryana Sayeed. She posted a photo on her Instagram account saying that she is fine and alive.

Aryana Sayeed from the evacuation airplane: I'm alive!

Photo Credits: Instagram

One of the few women to board the evacuation plane is Aryana Sayeed, an Afghan pop star. She shared a photo from the plane on Instagram and informed her followers, who number more than a million, that she was fine.

“In one of my recent interviews, I said I would be‘ the last soldier to leave the homeland ’, and that’s exactly what happened,” the text alongside the photo began.

"As a result of the recent changes that have taken place, I pray and hope that my wonderful people will be able to live peacefully, without fear of suicide bombers and explosions. My heart, prayers, and thoughts will always be with you," she adds.

She wrote to her companions that she was grateful for their messages of support and prayers.

"I feel gratitude to each of you for the kind wishes and prayers addressed because you were concerned about my presence in Afghanistan, after many who are in less danger than me, have already left the country. I am fine and alive," the singer explained.

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