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South Park released a “Post Covid” episode!

"They killed Kenny, motherfu**ers ...!". Now for real. Paramount + has released in the United States 'Post COVID', a new ' South Park ' movie!

Tori Spelling never got over husband’s infidelity

Although the actress' turbulent marriage to Dean McDermott seemed stable for a while, she never got over his infidelity, which became known in 2014.

A trick to find out whether your lungs are healthy!

Are YOUR LUNGS HEALTHY: Try a match trick that reveals if it's time to go to the doctor and see how is your lung health in just a couple of seconds.

Bling-bling! Ankle boots that we would love to have

Flashing lights, shining disco balls, bling-bling in all directions - this could visually summarize the upcoming holiday season. And everyone is very excited! 

What do if you run out of nail polish remover

You don't have ACETON, and the nail polish looks disgusting to you !? These THREE things that every woman has in the house SOLVES THE PROBLEM!

Hayao Miyazaki explains why he came back from retirement to do one more movie

We owe Hayao Miyazaki jewels like ' Spirited Away ', ' Howl's Moving Castle ' or ' My Neighbor Totoro ', classics from Studio Ghibli.

Jessie J recently suffered the hardest blow

The famous singer has an enviable career and great wealth, but she is experiencing blow after blow. She has a disease and she lost a baby.

Will Smith had to vomit after orgasm

After the first broken heart, the actor turned to a large number of sexual partners, which in the end did not bring him pleasure

Camila Cabello hides her sorrow behind good looks

Shawn Mendes (23) and Camila Cabello (24) broke off their two-year relationship a few days ago and then posted on their social networks.



5 things you need to know about the Jacquemus Dream Show: We take you to the forefront!

The hot summer on the mountain is the main mood of the latest Jacquemus fashion show called La Montagne. It was a dream covered with colors, imbued with unconventional cuts and feminine silhouettes.

TEENAGER MAKES ALMOST $ 2 MILLION: Resale of PS5 consoles and Pokemon cards is a lucrative business

The pandemic and cryptocurrencies have affected a large global shortage of chips, resulting in high demand for the small number of PlayStation and Xbox consoles that have gone on sale.

80s movies fans will be delighted with the new Ghostbusters!

Ivan Reitman persuaded his son, Jason, also a director, to make another film from the franchise After the female cast “Ghostbusters” comes a cinematic delight.

The Astypalaia will have a perfect 5G network, driverless buses and fully renewable energy!

The first European and Greek green and self-sustaining island should complete its major environmental and energy transformation by 2026.

Amy Winehouse ate nothing in 36 days before her death: Terrible details of the unfortunate artist’s painful end revealed

Amy Winehouse died of alcohol poisoning ten years ago, before that she did not eat a proper meal for 36 days, she lived on booze and cigarettes.