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How to win any argument?

 First of all, if you can avoid an argument, please do. However, if you must, be sure to read till the end and be prepared. There is one general fact that will help you win any...

Dave Chappele, new release on Netflix!

Dave Chappelle will continue his partnership with Netflix. Netflix announced the release f the new comedy specials produced and hosted by the icon of stand up. Chappelle’s Home Team is the name to look out for. In...

The anciend wisdom of Ikigai! How to live it?

Ikigai is a Japanese word everyone should know! It is the ancient art of living. It does sound simple, but it is can be difficult to achieve. We will explain what exactly it is, and...

Pete Davidson has a new Instagram account!

Pete is back on Insta! Friends of Kim Kardashian and Pete Davidson can now tag him on Instagram, as the comedian is officially back on the social media platform.Davidson's Twitter account was live on Wednesday, with the...

Things you should never do while hungry!

We all know that our personality changes when we are hungry. Some of us can even be “a bit difficult” in those moments. It is important to be aware of this because it affects us...

Sex? Basic mistakes men make that simply drive women crazy

We all make mistakes, but, it is time for men to learn some things about sex! Of course, we all think we are perfect, but sadly that is far from the truth. There are some basic mistakes...

How to choose a perfect dog?

Do you want a perfect dog? We all do. There are over 400 breeds of dogs and all the mixes in between. So, how to choose the perfect one? 1. How active are you? Do you...

How to start your own microgreens garden?

If you like salads and you need a bit of a vitamin boost before the spring it is the perfect time for you to plant your microgreens garden! 1. What are microgreens? Simply said microgreens...

Mary J. Blige’s signature knee-high boots now and then!

From white-hot leather to black snakeskin signature style, Mary J. Blige's knee-high boots evolution! When it involves fashion, Mary J. Blige isn't afraid to require risks. But there's one piece of clothing that the 51-year-old...



Oscar-winner Jennifer Connelly then and now!

From the girl from the Roy Orbison video to the role of life. Do you remember what Jennifer Connelly looked like at the beginning of her career?

Unpredictable love life of Simon Baker!

Actor Simon Baker is best known for his role in ‘The Mentalist’ and often enjoys the sandy beaches of his native Australia.

A refreshing drink: Homemade Ice coffee

This is a refreshing drink like from the best cafe and it's ready in 5 minutes. Try it and enjoy.

Tom proved one more time he is real gentleman!

Tom Cruise helped Kate Middleton climb the stairs more easily. He has proved to be a real gentleman.

Brian Austin Green is happier than ever!

Actor Brian Austin Green is currently expecting a child with his fiancée Sharna Burgess, while his ex-wife Megan Fox is shocking the public day by day.