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What are Billionaire’s hobbies? Top 6 on the list

A regular vacation just doesn't cut for a billionaire anymore. Their idea of fun is exploring places that are actually out of this world. Seriously. Let's take a look at the top 6 hobbies...

Imagine being a celebrity and a royal? Sounds like a pretty ideal life!

Have you ever wondered what it's like to live like royalty? And to have millions of dollars at your disposal? Some people are living that royal life. Shaikha Mahra, the princess of Dubai, is one...

He is ashamed of his earnings; This is How Keanu Reeves Spends His Money

This actor seriously took the title of his film "Something's Gotta Give", as the American media wrote. According to one of his friends, who wanted to stay anonymous, the star of "The Matrix" is uncomfortable...

Which Styles Are Returning? Big Fashion Trends For 2022

We have researched something else for you, ladies! If you want to know about four new trends, keep reading and check on the pictures, how they will be in the new upcoming year! I'm not...

How Does Life Of Richest Man On The World Look Like: Elon Musk

In January 2021 he briefly took the number one spot on Forges billionaire list, leaving even Amazon founder Jeff Bezos behind. But, what's more interesting is Musk's net worth is still rising, going way up...

What Are The Planets Predicting For You Today? Daily Horoscope

See what our planets are telling us for today: GeminiYou should trust more in yourself today, a lot is expected of you at work. This is a successful day, even though you may be mentally exhausted....

What Is Left From Tonga After The Eruption And Tsunami: NEW PHOTOS

Three new deaths have been confirmed by the Tongan government. Saturday's volcanic eruption has claimed six lives so far. The first satellite images have been published. Showing the scale of the damage caused by the...

New Big Trends Of 2022!

We could not wait to "throw" ourselves into the research for this new upcoming year.After a thorough search and our prediction for the fashion, we have singled out 3 trends that will rule in 2022....

This Trend Comes From 1950: How To Wear Your Favorite Scarf

Headscarves are coming back to our fashion! Once popular, and in recent years almost forgotten, headscarves were a reflection of femininity and style. Grace Kelly showed us how one piece of accessories helps us look...



Val Kilmer: ‘They restored my voice’

Actor Val Kilmer put acting on pause due to illness, but we will soon have the opportunity to watch him in the movie Top Gun 2.

Unpredictable love life of Simon Baker!

Actor Simon Baker is best known for his role in ‘The Mentalist’ and often enjoys the sandy beaches of his native Australia.

Oscar-winner Jennifer Connelly then and now!

From the girl from the Roy Orbison video to the role of life. Do you remember what Jennifer Connelly looked like at the beginning of her career?

Tom proved one more time he is real gentleman!

Tom Cruise helped Kate Middleton climb the stairs more easily. He has proved to be a real gentleman.

What do we know about Depp’s lawyer-Camilla?

The trial between Johnny Depp and Amber Heard has raised quite a bit of dust, and now attention from the former spouses has turned to Depp’s attorney, Camille Vasquez.