Banana for breakfast is the worst choice: Here's why!

Despite the common opinion, eating only a banana for breakfast is not a good idea

Banana for breakfast is the worst choice: Here's why!

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It is known that breakfast is the most important meal - it begins the day, and therefore it is important not to skip it. In addition, it is also important what we eat when it comes to breakfast.

Although banana is a favorite choice for many because it is sweet, nutritious, and goes great as an addition to cereals and oatmeal, nutritionists still think that this yellow tropical fruit is not the best choice when it comes to breakfast.

They point out that bananas are especially not good if they are eaten alone as the first meal because they contain as much as 25 percent sugar and belong to moderately acidic foods.

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Nutritionists advise you to start the day with a breakfast that burns fat, but also one that will give you enough energy and that will saturate you until the next meal. Indeed, bananas give energy, but in the short run, because you will start to feel tired and hungry again. They are a better choice for a snack than for a meal because they alone are not enough to start the day full and charged.

Bananas belong to the group of acidic foods, nutritionists explain, and that acid should be neutralized in order to get the best out of bananas - potassium, fiber, and magnesium, and not sugar, which causes only a short burst of energy.

Their advice is to combine bananas with foods full of healthy fats such as avocados or spices.

By: Sarah R.