BBC hit series upsets viewers!

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Nothing entices or captures attention in reality or on the movie as a juicy scandal. Love, hate, passion, anger and all this before the watchful eye of the public. This is the focus of the BBC’s new series “A Very British Scandal” dramatizing the world-famous, infamous divorce of the Duchess of Argyll Margaret Campbell  and her husband, the Duke of Argyll Ian Campbell . He shocked society with accusations of infidelity and a sex scandal.

One of the most scandalous moments during their dramatic divorce happened when an explicit photo of a duchess giving oral sex to an unknown man surfaced, and Margaret’s identity was revealed by her pearl necklace.

“A Very British Scandal” is the second season of the series about media-covered scandals of people from British public life, and is preceded by “A Very English Scandal”, the first season that follows the liberal member of the British Parliament Jeremy Thorpe ( Hugh Grant ) through three episodes and a series of events which followed as a result of his homosexual relationship with twenty-one-year-old Norman Josiffe ( Ben Whishaw ).

The miniseries follows Thorpe’s relationship with a young man, Norman’s blackmail, and a desperate, radical move by which Thorpe tries to save his political career, which is threatened by the selfishness of a vengeful ex-lover.

Following the tone set by the first season, “A Very British Scandal” staged an intense love affair between married Campbell and high society member Margaret, the end of love, which soon turned into hatred and the relentless struggle of spouses to destroy each other because the initial passion was not enough to overcome Campbell’s abrupt and awkward nature and vicious and violent behavior. Fortunately for her, Margaret is an equal opponent, and her endurance and insensitivity help protect her from the low blows of her ex-husband, whom she previously helped financially.

The angry husband portrayed his ex-wife as promiscuous and immoral and accused her of having as many as 88 lovers during the marriage, including movie stars, members of the royal family, and politicians.

The portrayal of the protagonist in the series by screenwriter Sarah Phelps who is known for adaptations of Agatha Christie’s crime novels and Oliver Twist’s adaptations, Great Expectations and JKRowling’s “The Casual Vacancy” ,also suggests that her sexual appetites were insatiable.

Already in the first thirty minutes of the first episode, three sex scenes were shown, which provoked comments, reactions and controversies from the entire British public.

Lead actress Claire Foy herself, best known for her notable role in the hugely successful and acclaimed “Crown” series, expressed dissatisfaction with filming sex scenes, which made her feel “exposed and exploited”.

The unpleasant experience of the actress is in a way reminiscent of the experiences of the character she is interpreting. Margaret was blasphemed and publicly criticized during the trial, and her intimacy and privacy were publicly exposed through stories or myths about her nymphomaniac nature and explicit photographs.

So far, only the first episode of the series has been shown, and the dust has already been raised about the spicy details of this British story. We are looking forward to new sequels with interest and impatience, which will certainly not lack controversy, passion or screams and anger.

The series can be watched on BBC One, BBC iPlayer, and from the beginning of next year, Amazon Prime Video.





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