Beauty tips from Princess Diana

Princess Diana was a famous admirer of aromatherapy. For years before essential oils became a world fad, the princess was already enjoying their benefits

Beauty tips from Princess Diana

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Princess Diana was loved by many for her boundless kindness. But that's not all she's remembered for. She was an icon of beauty and style. 

Here are some of her beauty tips: 

Moisturizing the face before applying makeup

Mary Greenwell, a make-up artist, and friend of Princess Di said she first moisturized the princess's face before applying any product. That’s why her skin never looked heavy and dull under makeup.

Subtle eyes look better

While more striking, bright eye makeup is acceptable in certain situations, a more natural look is more suitable for everyday wear. Princess Di used a vibrant blue pencil to revive her eyes. An encounter with a makeup artist changed that. At her suggestion, the princess opted for more neutral tones of black and brown.

The cheeks look better accentuated

If the blush is applied incorrectly, the contouring and highlighting job may fall into the water. Beautifully accentuated cheekbones will attract attention. 

Thin lips can also be accentuated

The type of event, time of day, and the clothes you wear are factors that must be taken into account when choosing a shade of lipstick. Greenwell says pink and nude tones best match the royal look. But nightly events require darker shades. In any case, do not be afraid to try lip shades that you are not used to.

Scent is important

Princess Diana's pleasant nature transcended her outward appearance. According to Greenwell, the princess always, but always, had a lovely scent.

Essential oils are essential, indeed

Princess Diana was a famous admirer of aromatherapy. For years before essential oils became a world fad, the princess was already enjoying their benefits.

Consistent skincare

Maintaining a good skin regimen will do wonders for the overall look. Princess Di was very consistent with her skincare routine.

The best diet is a healthy diet

Darren O’Grady was a royal chef for 15 years. After the princess divorced, he continued to cook for her. He found that the princess aspired to a healthy diet as much as possible and that she avoided carbohydrates and red meat as much as she could, writes Bright Side

By: Amber V. - Gossip Whispers