Ben Affleck compared himself with a gorilla

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Two-time Oscar winner Ben Affleck, who has been mentioned in the media in recent months for reconciling with his ex-girlfriend Jennifer Lopez, turns 50 this year.

“Eight months and 14 days,” he said in December in Los Angeles, letting out a dry laugh. “But who counts?” said Ben.

It is not surprising that the movie star approached such a turning point with a certain degree of self-reflection, if not fear. But after a turbulent decade in his career and personal life, Affleck says he is calm these days. Previous years are marked by great ups and downs, including his win for Best Picture in 2013 for Argo, which he directed, and deep setbacks. Also, there is his divorce from actress Jennifer Garner, with whom he has three children, and his public struggle against alcoholism.

“The common thread I found among people I know who have turned 50 and are happiest is that they have stopped worrying so much about what other people think,” he said. “I think it’s a gift of that time. When you turn 30, you think, ‘Now I get it,’ then the 40s arrive and you say, ‘I had no idea.’ Now that I think about my twenties, I wonder, ‘How was my brain different from a gorilla’s brain at that age?” Ben added.

Feeling exhausted after appearing as Batman in the 2016 films “Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice” and “Justice League” in 2017, Affleck says he has focused on more character roles in recent years. Currently, he is starring in George Clooney’s drama “The Tender Bar” as a working-class book bartender who becomes a father figure to his nephew, played by Tye Sheridan. Although “The Tender Bar,” based on a memoir by former Times writer JR Moehringer in 2005, received mixed reviews, critics praised Affleck’s underrated performance, for which he won the Supporting Actor’s Golden Globe. The film is currently in theaters.

Affleck also spoke about his relationship with Jeniffer Lopez and social media and new ways of having fun.

“Entertainment has changed and developed throughout history. I feel like I’m 1000 years old because I tell my kids things like, “What is this YouTuber doing? Like, is he a comedian? ” They look at me like, “Are you a moron? They are a person. They’re talking. ” And some of these people are making a fortune. There is a tremendous value in experiencing the current life of Jennifer Lopez and seeing the extent to which a massive presence on social media – how it is appreciated, how it is perceived by people who are willing to invest a bunch of money in what you do – is truly striking. I’m not sure I ever had the option of having 300 million followers, but that ship has probably set sail now” the Los Angeles Times reported in an interview.

Recall, for his alcohol problems, 49-year-old Ben Affleck has clearly and loudly declared this the main culprit is his ex-wife Jennifer Garner, saying he ‘sought solace in a glass’ because he felt ‘trapped’ in their marriage. He said this as a guest on The Howard Stern Show, adding that he would very likely still be drinking if he had not divorced 49-year-old Garner in 2015.

The public did not like such a media appearance, which immediately ‘hit’ the famous Hollywood actor. ‘Do you blame your ex-wife for your drinking problems? Well, you got drunk even before you married her, ‘wrote one Twitter user, while another added:’ Speaking so miserably about the mother of your children actually says how bad and miserable you are as a father and a total idiot! ‘ They all agreed and suggested that Affleck finally take responsibility for his actions.





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