Beyonce posed in a latex body

Photo Credits : DepositPhotos

Singer Beyonce (40) often gets a lot of compliments from her fans for her lush curves. But she is also aware of that, so she doesn’t stop ‘enticing’ looks on social networks in clothes from her fashion collection ‘Halls of Ivy’, that is, the Ivy Park fashion line.

Beyonce’s daughters, Blue Ivy and Rumi, also posed in the advertising campaign, posing in black and white patterned jumpsuits. Although her daughters were too cute, the singer was the one who took everyone’s breath away. They are stars like their mom.

She pulled on a tight plaid dress, in which her rounded hips came to the fore. And she completed the whole combination with brown shoes and big ‘cat’ glasses.

But she decided to show a little more, so she took off her dark blue latex bodysuit with a deep neckline, and a lush bust came to the fore. She completed the overall look with large dark blue earrings and a metallic jacket.

In addition to bodysuits, the collection includes tracksuits, skirts, overalls, sports bras and various fashion accessories.

Beyonce’s daughter, Blue Ivy (9) and Rumi (4), who posed in black and white patterned overalls, also took part in the advertising campaign.

While many would think her life is perfect, music diva Beyonce has experienced some of the worst consequences of show business on her own skin in recent years.

This is exactly what she talked about in a big interview for the fashion magazine Harper’s Bazaar, on the cover of which she appeared, and in her confession, she revealed the details of the dark side of fame.

The mega-successful 40-year-old singer and entrepreneur does not hide that it is not easy for her to reconcile business and motherly obligations, but also to protect her privacy on which the quality of her life depends.

‘In this business so much of your life does not belong to you unless you fight for it. I struggled to protect my sanity and privacy because the quality of my life depends on it. I am reserved, except for the people I love and trust. Believe me, the reason why people don’t see certain things about me is that the Virgo in me doesn’t want them to see it, not because it doesn’t exist, ‘said the singer of the hit ‘ Single Ladies’.





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