Beyonce releases new song!

One of the world’s most famous singers today Beyonce surprised and delighted fans by releasing her latest song ‘Break My Soul’ a few hours earlier than expected.

Beyonce releases new song!

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One of the world’s most famous singers today Beyonce surprised and delighted fans by releasing her latest song ‘Break My Soul’ a few hours earlier than expected. The song is filled with dance rhythm and is the first from her seventh studio album called ‘Renaissance’.

‘Break My Soul’ has bypassed several streaming platforms, including Spotify in favor of Tidal, which is quite appropriate given that her husband Jay Z is a co-owner of the company. The new song reunites Beyonce with sought-after producers Tricky Stewart and The-Dream, who previously worked on the tune of her world-famous 2008 song ‘Single Ladies’.

'Release anger, free the mind, free work, free time, release stress, release love, forget the rest' are the lyrics of her new song, which also features bounce rapper Big Freedia. The husband of the famous singer is not represented in the song, but he is listed among multiple authors under his real name Shawn Carter, and among other deserving authors of the song are Adam Piggot and Big Freedia.

‘Break My Soul’ takes over the melody of the 1993 song ‘Show Me Love’ by Robin S, and although Beyonce has always been adored for her vocal abilities, this song also gives her a chance to show off in rap as well. According to Variety, the upcoming album ‘Renaissance’ will feature a diverse array of songs that touch on country and dance music.

Fans have already revealed that the album will feature 16 songs and is expected to be released in multiple parts. The album or just a part of it should be released on July 29.

Although fans needed a subscription to Tidal to stream the song, Beyonce’s official account also shared a video with the lyrics on YouTube.Ryan Tedder, the co-author of her 2008 hit ‘Halo’, will be working on the album. Raphael Saadiq, who produced much of her sister Solange’s acclaimed 2016 album ‘A Seat At The Table’, is also expected to work on the album.

Her latest solo studio album ‘Lemonade’ from 2016 also featured a 65-minute film of the same name which featured most of the songs from the album. The famous singer previously told Harper’s Bazaar that her upcoming album will represent a ‘renaissance’, before she officially chose that term for the album title.

'With all this isolation and injustice over the past year, I think we're all ready to run away, travel, love each other and laugh again,' she said at the time.'I feel that the renaissance is being born and I want to be a part of it and nurture it in every possible way,' she added.

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