Bizarre TikTok trend: Lube instead of primer as make-up base

The latest makeup trend from TikTok is as just as weird as the ones before on this platform - make-up artists use lubes in their videos as a make-up base, with the claiming that it makes their skin and foundation look smoother.

Bizarre TikTok trend: Lube instead of primer as make-up base

Photo Credits: YouTube/printscreen

Make-up artist and popular TikToker Luke Kohutek first used lubricant as a make-up base in February 2019, but at the time, not much attention was paid to this technique.

However, the trend has "exploded" since then, and the hashtag #lubeprimer has 8.7 million views.

The trend actually went viral only in July this year, when one of Kohutek's videos where he uses lube as a make-up product was widely spread on the social network. This video has more than 1.5 million views.


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After July, a new video appeared in September, when another user shared a video with "the best makeup hacks", collecting 6 million views. Since then, it has been tried by several other make-up artists with quite positive comments.

Dermatologists point out that this trend can negatively affect the skin, as the dense and oily structure of the lubricant creates an oxygen-free environment, allowing the development of acne-causing bacteria and killing the skin’s natural “friendly” bacteria.

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Also, this is not the first time that seemingly random items have gone viral due to their apparent use as cosmetic products.

In 2018, the trend spread where users used a lubricant to strengthen curls and prevent hair-pulling. Makeup influencers also used Nivea shaving balm as a primer back in 2016.

By: Sarah R.