Black Bear Diner: Good Food and Good Friends

So, you’re in Portland. You’ve got your hipster beard and your bike-riding friends, but you’re looking for something a little more wholesome than doughnuts and coffee. Where do you turn? 

Well, if you’re hungry but not necessarily looking to hang with the hipsters (a common mistake), then Black Bear Diner is the place for you. The meal arrives quickly and the menu is excellent.

So there’s no reason to wait a whole five minutes while waiting on someone else’s order when they take forever at Starbucks.

The atmosphere is fun and welcoming

You will feel right at home in the Bear Diner. The atmosphere is fun and welcoming, with a cozy atmosphere that invites you to relax, chat with friends and family members, and enjoy delicious food. There are televisions everywhere so you can watch your favorite sports teams play on game days if you’d like.

The menu has something for everyone: 

  • Americans love their burgers made from Angus beef. 
  • Canadians adore poutine (french fries topped with cheese curds).
  • Tacos are popular in Mexico.
  • Italians enjoy eating spaghetti.
  • Scandinavians delight in pasta Alfredo and we’re sure there’s something else that we’ve missed.

Restaurant’s decor is inspired by outdoors

If you’re looking for a place to dine that’s not just good food, but also has an authentic, rustic feel and atmosphere, The Bear Diner is the place. 

  • The restaurant’s decor is inspired by the great outdoors, log cabin theme, hunting and fishing theme, outdoor seating, lots of wood, mountains and lakes.
  • The diner serves up traditional American fare with some twists on classics like sandwiches and burgers (burgers are served on brioche bread), salads with homemade dressing options such as ranch or bleu cheese vinaigrette, homemade soups (including vegetarian stuffed peppers), French fries cooked in beef drippings and yes even pancakes. 

What happens if you’re unsure on what to order for dinner? Let them know how many people will be joining your group so they can customize your order based on their size requirements for each dish or dessert item that comes out at dinner time.

The menu is hard to beat

Breakfast options include omelets, French toast and pancakes, lunch items include burgers, sandwiches and salads. Dinner items include ribs and steaks, dessert treats consist of both sweet and savory selections. 

In short: There are plenty of options for every meal (and snack) in between.

Go Bananas at Black Bear Diner

Potassium, which is found in abundance in bananas and aids in the maintenance of fluid equilibrium in the body, also helps to control blood pressure. Additionally, they include vitamin B6, which promotes a more effective conversion of food into energy. 

Bananas contain only 40 calories per cup (1 banana). Bananas provide a lot of fibre and little calories. As a result, they are a great option if you want to eat well while still savouring your favourite dishes.

Make your own omelet at the Omelet Bar

The Omelet Bar is a great place to start your day. You can choose from several types of omelets, including the classic Western-style egg and cheese, or try one with vegetables and meats. 

If you’re feeling ambitious, go for an “Omelet Supreme” with three different kinds of meat (turkey, ham and bacon) plus cheese, onions and bell peppers. This dish comes with toast for $4 more than other options.

If you don’t feel like making your own omelet at the diner but still want some eggs Benedict or French toast later on in the day. Or if they’re too busy serving up meals at midnight, you can always order them from their menu instead.

The breakfast options are legendary

The breakfast options are legendary. Everyone can find something they like on the menu, which is available all day.

  • You can choose from eggs any way you like them fried or scrambled, with cheese or without, bacon or sausage, pastries and toast or try something different like pancakes or french toast (a favorite).
  • You’ll find everything from homemade soups to salads to burgers at Bear Diner. 
  • The service is friendly and efficient, too. 
  • When you arrive at dinner time, your server will seat you in a comfortable booth where she’ll take care of any last-minute orders before bringing out your dinner piping hot on a plate made just for each diner’s liking (or even if they prefer sandwiches instead).

A delicious and varied menu for breakfast

Black Bear Diner is a delicious and varied breakfast restaurant. The menu has a variety of options, including omelets, pancakes, French toast, and hash browns. You can also choose from several types of eggs to start your day off right with one or two of their daily specials.

The food is affordable. You won’t break the bank by eating here. And it comes with friendly service too. If you order something that isn’t on the menu (or if you just want to try something new), don’t worry about being disappointed. They’re happy to make any modifications for you.


Having breakfast at Black Bear Diner is highly recommended. You’ll find everything from omelets and pancakes to waffles, muffins, and French toast. As the name implies, it’s also a family-friendly restaurant with plenty of kids’ menu options besides just pancakes. 

The decor is rustic but fun, and there are plenty of seating options inside or outside on their patio. And don’t forget about the food, if you want something sweet or savory (or both), chances are they have what you need.

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