Black lemonade – a magical drink

Photo Credits : Lesley Davidson/Unsplash

Magical drink that brings you back from the dead: Detox the whole organism with black lemonade, expel poisons and toxins, and next to lemon, you will need only one other ingredient for this amazing and refreshing drink!

If you are planning to cleanse your body of accumulated toxins and reset your body and simply gain more energy and feel better, this drink is just for you.

Lemonade is a favorite summer drink for many, it is refreshing and very tasty, but when you add activated charcoal to it, you also get the perfect drink for the rebirth of the whole organism. Due to the activated charcoal, this drink has a black color, while the taste remains unchanged.

During this time, when plenty of viruses next to Covid-19 and Omicron are going around, spreading from person to person, a little extra boost of vitamin C will go a long way and further help you win the battle.

Black lemonade will cleanse the body of toxins, cleanse the liver and lower cholesterol. It helps with bloating, gas, and aerophagia (unconscious swallowing of air during meals), and even with skin problems. It regulates the work of the digestive tract and thus speeds up metabolism, which leads to weight loss.

Activated charcoal is obtained by destructive distillation of materials of various plants and coconut bark and has absorbent properties, so it removes harmful substances and toxins from the body.

To prepare it you need:

  • Juice of half a lemon or lime
  • A glass of mineral or coconut water
  • Half a teaspoon of activated charcoal

Method of preparation:

Add lemon juice and powdered activated charcoal to the water. Stir well and then the drink is ready.

The drink is drunk once a week and never more often than that.

Note: This lemonade may reduce the effect of the medication. Therefore, if you are taking some medications, you should pay attention to the two-hour interval between taking the medication and drinking black lemonade.





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