Bradley Cooper just can’t do without Irina Shayk

Photo Credits : Getty Images for Vogue

The paparazzi recently photographed model  Irina Shayk and actor  Bradley Cooper who no longer hide their closeness. Us Weekly conveys information provided by a close source of this couple, it seems that their existing relationship “has not changed”. The portal further reports that Cooper (46) and Shayk (35) “spend a lot of time together” while still focusing on their four-year-old daughter Leo. “When Bradley gets a break from filming, he enjoys being with his family,” a source told US Weekly. “He and Irina participate together in fun activities that involve their daughter.

The movie “The Star is Born” sponsored their breakup, it was rumored that Lady Gaga and Cooper had an incredibly good relationship, while their chemistry on the set was not even disputed by anyone. But that Bradley can’t do without his Irina is also proven by the fact that the paparazzi constantly see them in public, so we can conclude that they are together again.

Romantic history

Cooper and Shayk originally started dating in 2015, and they had their first child together two years later. The couple divorced in June 2019, but they remained “good” because they gave preference to their daughter. At the time, Shayk was also trying to keep her life a secret.

It’s hard to find a balance between a single mother and a working woman. Trust me, there are days when I wake up and think, ‘Oh my God, I don’t know what to do, I’m falling apart,‘” Irina told British Vogue in January 2020. , reports US Weekly. Irina Shayk was also seen with Kanye West earlier this year, but all rumors about it were interrupted when the paparazzi filmed Shayk and Cooper walking hand in hand in New York.

According to a source transmitted by the portal, their public outings, without a little daughter, have flourished again and they get along great. “They support each other in life and career,” a US Weekly source said, adding,As always, they put their daughter first in every decision they make.”





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