Britney Spears and Madonna recreate famous kiss

They did the same thing as on stage in 2003!

Britney Spears and Madonna recreate famous kiss

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Britney Spears and Sam Asghari are now officially married, and Madonna was invited to the party they organized. These two singers and friends used this situation to do something that the world is buzzing about today.  Namely, they kissed again! Britney looked gorgeous in a red "Versace" dress, so she bent down and kissed Madonna at the celebration. This reminded many of the event from 2003 when the two of them kissed on the MTV awards stage. During the performance, Madonna turned around and wanted to kiss Christina Aguilera, but that moment passed almost unnoticed compared to what Britney and her colleague did. By the way, it is known that Madonna loves Britney very much and that she was always with her as support for everything she went through. This was the first time they had met since Spears won the fight against her family. 

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By the way, Jason Alexander, with whom singer Britney Spears was briefly married in 2004, "earned" restraining order against her and her new husband Sam Asghari. He first tried to break into their wedding and made a general drama. The police took him away and he was accused of vandalism, intrusion into someone else's property, and inflicting injuries during the incident, the media reported. Alexander (40) must not approach them closer than 100 meters, as well as their home in which they live in Los Angeles until the expiration of the order, which will be on June 17. In an attempt to deceive the security to let him go to the wedding, he said that "as a former partner he must attend the ceremony” and then he started a physical confrontation.

Britney was quite shaken by this, but she quickly recovered and said a fateful "yes". The bride wore a Versace wedding dress and all attention was focused on her. It is a gorgeous creation by Donatella Versace, and as this married couple did not want to publish photos from the wedding, Donatella could not wait, so she showed everyone how amazing Britney looked on her special day.