Britney Spears humbles her boyfriend

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Britney is happy with her 12 years younger fiance who lost 45 kilograms in a really short time.

But who is Sam Asghar?

Asghar was born in Iran, Tehran, as the youngest of four children. He eventually emigrated to America with his father when he was just 12 and they lived in Los Angeles.”I left my friends and family and I knew I wouldn’t ever return.”

Asghar joined his high school football team and later participated in a football program at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. After that, he went on to play for Moorpark College in Los Angeles.

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He was also in a Police academy. At the age of 21, he had his first fashion show for Palm Springs, later participated in some commercials, including the Super Bowl, a commercial for the Toyota Prius, and a small role in the Fifth Harmony music video “Work from Home,”.

Asghari recalled the old days on his Instagram profile so he shared his great transformation with followers. For six months, Asghari lost almost 45 kilograms. His new physique and healthy lifestyle changed his life and led him to modeling. In fact, acting led him to a role in the Britney Spears music video. That, of course, sparked a romance with the pop star. Two years later, Spears and Asghari are engaged and stronger than ever.

‘Britney is my family’

Asghar told about Britney: “She motivates me more than anyone. It’s crazy how a person like her can make me so humble, that’s the best thing for me. I grew up with three sisters and I’m very family-oriented. Britney is my family. I will always support her. She is another blessing that happened to me. ” Based on the celebrity singer’s Instagram posts, the feelings also seem to be more than mutual. In one post, she wrote, “Sam inspires me every day to be a better person and that makes me feel like the happiest girl in the world!”

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Asghar said his opinion about Jamie Spears, Britney’s father: “It’s important that people understand that I have no respect for someone who tries to control our relationship and constantly puts obstacles in our way. ” he wrote in a post shared on his Instagram Story. He added that he would not go further because he respects their privacy as a couple. “I will not go into details because I have always respected our privacy,” he said.

Britney helped him get into acting

With the support of Britney Spears, Asghari decided to try acting. This model and personal trainer has acted in two movies “Incredible !!!” with Snoop Dogg and “Can You Keep a Secret?”. 

“I’ve been preparing for everything since I was a child, so I’m not surprised that everything is good. When great things happened to me, it just motivated me and led me to this position today” This new actor says he’s open to act in all types of genres, including comedy, action, and drama. He wants to take on roles that inspire others like those that inspired him while he was growing up.





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