BRITNEY SPEARS' PAINFUL RELATIONSHIP WITH A SISTER THAT FANS HATE: They were best friends, and then the horror started behind closed doors

Britney Spears and her sister Jamie Lynn have a rather complicated relationship.

BRITNEY SPEARS' PAINFUL RELATIONSHIP WITH A SISTER THAT FANS HATE: They were best friends, and then the horror started behind closed doors

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Britney Spears and her ten-year-younger sister Jamie Lynn have always acted in public as if they were in a harmonious relationship and as unreservedly supportive of each other, but Britney recently let fans know that this is not really the case.

Did you extend your hand to me while I was drowning,’ Britney commented recently after a live broadcast in which Jamie Lynn Spears justified herself by saying that she has always supported her sister. Meanwhile, it was found out that Jamie lived in a house bought with Britney's money and that it was not true that she had no insight into what was happening 'behind closed doors'.

Lynn recently announced a book in which she will reveal all the family secrets. In ‘Things I Should Have Said’ 2017, she describes her role as  Britney Spears' younger sister and many unpublished details from their lives, and as she said, all the money from the sale will be diverted to charities.

This is the first time I have spoken honestly about my mental health,’ Jamie wrote in a post, however, a number of humanitarian organizations have refused her donation and some have openly told her they ‘don’t want her dirty money ’.

Back in early June, foreign media reported a source claiming that the sisters were 'very close' and that Britney 'trusted Jamie and could trust her with everything' , but later that month Britney testified in court that 'no one in the family did anything to help her' while she was under her father's care.

During Britney’s court battle for release from her father’s supervision, her sister didn’t advertise too much. She didn’t do that either when Britney's fans started publicly inviting her to support her sister, only at that time she ruled out the possibility of commenting on her social media profiles.

Fan rage was directed at Jamie Lynn in the summer of 2020 after the BBC published an article stating that she had demanded greater control over her sister’s property. She soon posted about everything on Instagram, stating that she was just worried that she would lose her income, and said: ' I never received a penny from my sister, it's her hard-earned money and I don't deserve a penny of it.'

Britney, meanwhile, is released from her father’s control, and Jamie Lynn announces a biography in which she will write about her family. For E! News recently stated that she and her sister's relationship is not exactly as the media presents it.

What’s being pushed on the covers is different from what’s happening off stage and on a personal level,’ Jamie argues.

A source close to Jamie spoke for the same portal, saying that 'growing up she had her own problems, but that she also tried to be there for her sister the best she knew in those years'.

She continued to support her sister away from the cameras and worked on their relationship which she does not want to talk about publicly. Family is her main focus because she would like to be the best mom, sister, and aunt. Jamie Lynn hopes that people will be open to hearing her story and she is very excited about the release of the book, so she hopes that it will clear up any doubts about what ha and what has not happened ', claims the source.

Another source claims that Britney, for her part, strongly resents her sister.

Britney is very angry and hurt. It feels like Jamie completely abandoned her and let her down in the fight of her life, and for a long time they were best friends and everything to each other, 'he states.

By: Amber V. - Gossip Whispers