Calm your mind-learn how to meditate properly

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If you are often dissatisfied, scared, or stressed and it exhausts you, this can help you.

You have probably been sitting on the beach, looking at the sea in front of you, relaxed, not thinking about anything in particular, watching what is happening around you. This state of conscious presence, free from thoughts and emotions, is called meditation.


Why is it useful to meditate?

When you are emotional, you use less of your mental potential than usual. If your emotions are very intense, such as when you are angry or panicking, you can completely lose control of your behavior. Scientists claim that people use only 10 percent of their mental abilities, not because we are not smart enough to do better, but because we are too attached to our emotions. If you want to teach your mind to use its full potential in every situation, then start meditating.

It has been scientifically proven that meditation is good for your heart, lowers high blood pressure, strengthens immunity, but also affects the levels of serotonin (happiness hormone), which makes us feel satisfied and positive.

What, exactly, do you do when you meditate?

To get rid of your emotions, you need to relax mentally. Find a place where no one will disturb you for a while and take a comfortable position, sitting or lying down. What you are actually trying to do is to consciously bring your mind into its alpha state (sleep state). If you happen to fall asleep while meditating, don’t worry, it’s perfectly normal. In this way, your mind is free from emotions and thoughts, unlike the usual waking state.

One way to calm your mind is to close your eyes and imagine in front of you a large number three that is slowly decreasing until you can no longer see it. This should be repeated with the numbers two and one in the same way. That way you will consciously have control over your thoughts.

What problems can you have while meditating?

The idea of ​​sitting comfortably and calming your mind so that it stops bombarding you with various thoughts is simple when it is talked about, but it is a completely different situation when it should be done. If you are a dynamic person who has a lot of responsibilities, then you know how fast your thoughts appear and how helpless you are in all this. So be patient. It takes time to change something. What will help you is to listen to some music that relaxes you. Another way to calm the mind is to practice guided meditation. Here, too, the mind is calmed through the process of listening. 

The biggest problem that occurs when meditating is the fear of the unknown. What, in fact, is going to happen to you, and do you have control over it? Meditation is a fully conscious process that you begin, direct and end when you want. If, however, you are facing this problem, then visualization will help you. When you calm your mind, imagine that you are in a place that you love and where you feel relaxed and safe. This can be a place where you really were or who you designed yourself, the effect is exactly the same. Feel free to be imaginative and play. This is very important because you will love to meditate, it will be fun, which is the best way to motivate yourself to persevere in it.

Meditation can be used for any dimension of your life. Maybe in the beginning it would be good to avoid work-related situations or those that are too stressful for you because there is a possibility that your thoughts will drag you deeper into thinking and meditation will not be very useful. Many famous people meditate every day, for example, Oprah Winfrey.

Exercise – Morning Meditation

Set the clock 15 minutes earlier than you should get up. When you hear the ring, turn off your alarm and stay in bed. Imagine going down the stairs. Look at your feet and count from 10 to one, slowly and in the same rhythm, going down step by step. Breathe slowly and evenly. When you count to one, imagine yourself diving in the sea. Try to feel the water around you. Watch all those interesting creatures that swim around you completely calm, not paying attention to your presence. Go to the surface to catch air, then dive again. Be curious, explore the place where you are. Create situations that will awaken in you a feeling of complete calm and the impression that everything around you is exactly the way you want it to be. When this feeling completely fills you, stay in it for a few moments. Tell yourself that you will now count from three to one, and when you do that, you will feel calm and satisfied, ready to start the day.





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