Can the new South Korean series Hellbound repeat the success of Squid Game?

Photo Credits : netflix/promo

Just a few months after the incredible success of the South Korean series Squid Game, which aroused great audience interest, broke rating records, and significantly influenced pop culture and social media trends, which then resulted in an avalanche of newspaper articles, Netflix announced a new Korean series – the mystery of Hellbound.

Netflix announced its new hope through a series of forspans that take your breath away, quicken your pulse, and make your hands sweat.
The announcements explain the terrifying concept of the series, directed by Yeon Sang-ho, a Korean director known for the action thriller Train to Busan.

Namely, the story introduces us to a world in which individuals are told when and where they will die. As much as they flee, they are eventually taken by giant supernatural beings who drag them to hell, leaving only a roasted skeleton on Earth.

Chaos and terror become fertile ground for the rise of a religious group that interprets events through the prism of human sinfulness and the establishment of divine justice. The mystery behind the supernatural monsters and the hidden intentions of the sect will be revealed by a police detective, a journalist, and a lawyer, and consequently, unravel the tangle of closely related events.

The creators of Hellbound build increasing tension both through visuals (dark atmosphere, cold tones, sudden scenes of violence) and through auditory stimuli (music that creates an atmosphere of anticipation and enhances the intensity of experience). And when you add to that the primordial fear of death that seems to be the very DNA of this project, the result could be impressive.

Hellbound is based on a webcomic of the same name, which is also the work of Yeon Sang-ho.

It is a series with elements of fantasy, horror, action, and drama, which viewers will be able to experience through a six-episode long story of the first season.

The first episode premiered at this year’s Toronto International Film Festival.

The series will be available to Netflix viewers from November 19th.





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