Canadian rapper Drake withdrew from the Grammy!

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Canadian rap superstar Drake,  35, has withdrawn his two nominations for this year’s Grammy Awards, and Recording Academy, the association of musicians and music professionals that organizes the awards, has accepted his request.

The rapper was nominated in the category of best rap album for “Certified Lover Boy” and for best rap performance for the song “Way 2 Sexy”.

So far, Drake’s representatives have not given any explanation, and voting for the best musical achievements will continue with only four candidates. That is probably because ballots have already been sent to members of the Academy.

Drake, who has won four Grammys so far, has repeatedly clashed with the organizers of the prestigious music awards. 

Previous conflicts

A year ago, he said they should be replaced by “something new that will be passed on to generations to come”.

He said this because the organizers of the award did not nominate the Canadian rapper Weeknd in any category for 2021, despite having one of the best albums and one of the best singles in 2020.

At the same time, the singer is threatened with several lawsuits due to a rap concert (Astroworld Festival) held last month in Texas, where ten fans lost their lives in a big crowd.

In 2017, he refused to submit his album “More Life” for the 2018 Grammy in any category. Outrage over the award that year culminated in the following as Jay-Z won no awards, although he was nominated in eight categories

In an interview from 2017, he said that he was nominated for the award in the rap category only because he is black. 

“The only category I can fit into is the rap category, maybe because I’ve rapped in the past or because I’m black,” he said on Apple’s Beats 1 radio.

At the 2019 Grammy Awards, Drake once again expressed his displeasure that black hip-hop artists are not always credited.

“We compete in a sport based on someone’s point of view, not a sport based on facts,” Drake said as he picked up the award for best rap song “God’s Plan”.

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“This is a job that sometimes depends on a group of people, who may not understand what a mixed race kid from Canada has to say … And you’ve already won if there are people who know your songs word for word, if they sing in your hometown. You’re already winners … you don’t need this here. “





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