Cardi B wore a bizarre mask on the red carpet

Photo Credits : Matt Winkelmeyer / Getty Images

The American Music Awards (AMA) was held in Los Angeles, and all the attention of those gathered, except for the South Korean band BTS, which swept the competition, was also attracted by the host of the award show, rapper Cardi B.

She appeared in two editions, so she first walked in a black leopard print dress, and then in a black dress by Italian designer Else Schiaparelli with the addition of a veil on her head and – a golden mask on her face.

With an unusual mask, the 29-year-old rapper looked completely unrecognizable.

The musician, who has won several Grammy Awards, was chosen to host this award ceremony, making her the second rapper in the history of the award to succeed, after Queen Latifah in 1995. 

In addition, she was nominated for three awards: favorite female hip-hop performer, favorite hip-hop song, and favorite music video for the song ‘Up’.

The AMA is the world’s largest fan-winning award ceremony.





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