Cassel’s wife showed her perfect body

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Hollywood actor Vincent Cassel and his young wife, model Tina Kunakey were filmed on one of Rio de Janeiro’s beaches. They were the main stars and the paparazzi could not resist not filming them this time either.

Model Tina Kunakey leaves no one indifferent with her appearance. 

24-year-old Tina attracted attention in a white thong bikini that perfectly accentuated her lush curves and once again showed why she is known as a natural beauty with whom the most famous fashion houses would cooperate.

31-year-older Vincent did not lose sight of her in such an edition, and he also showed that he can boast of top form.

By the way, due to the big age difference, many of these spouses predicted a quick divorce, but after three years of marriage, their love seems to be just as strong.

Vincent and Tina confirmed the relationship in 2016, they got married in August 2018, and in April 2019 they had a daughter, Amazon. This is her first marriage, and Vincent found solace in Tina after divorcing one of the most beautiful women in the world, Monica Bellucci. He was married to an Italian actress from 1999 to 2013, and together they have two daughters, Deva and Leonie. Needless to say, the exotic beauty has been ‘crucified’ by the media and Monica Bellucci fans for years, but she never reacted to such articles. 

The famous French actor has been in a relationship with Tina for five years. The couple met in Ibiza, and they were united by a common passion.

‘ It was a magical moment. We were in the same place at the same time. I can’t reveal the details of our acquaintance, but I will say that we both love surfing ‘, Tina once revealed.

Recall, the famous model claims that she had no idea who Vincent was when they met, and she discovered this when the paparazzi started following them.

It is interesting that Tina, like Monica, is Italian, although she has somewhat more exotic roots – she comes from the African country of Togo from a Moroccan father and a Sicilian mother. Some claimed the beauty was just the actor’s whim and midlife crisis, but the couple proved to everyone that they were wrong. There is little known information about her, but one thing is for sure – she has always used beauty as the main trump card to break into the world of modeling, and never scandals and inappropriate behavior.

She started building her career in Madrid, and after two very successful music videos in which she performed, she set out on an upward trajectory. In the meantime, she went to London, learned the language, and then was hired by rapper ASAP Rocky, the boyfriend of planetarily popular singer Rihanna, for her short film.

However, her relationship with Vincent brought her worldwide popularity, and then she began to be noticed by brands such as Dior, numerous beauty giants, but also the editors of the most prestigious magazines whose covers she decorated.





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