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Potato juice benefits for skin and health

Although sometimes a bit notorious, potatoes are rich in nutrients, and their juice is extremely effective for many conditions, as well as in beauty care.

Queen Elizabeth’s healthy habits for long life

Queen Elizabeth II did experience health problems recently, which forced her to retire from the opening of parliament, but she is still incredibly active.

How to beat stress and bad mood?

Here are some natural and universal ways to overcome depression!

6 luxury summer perfumes to brighten your days

You know that feeling after a long day at the beach, driving home with the windows down, with the breeze and the sun on your face?

How to prepare skin for the summer?

After months of low temperatures and dry indoor air, winter has left us, leaving behind dry, itchy skin. The point is that while we are more than ready to run into a sunny spring, our...

A great four-week walking plan for weight loss

Whether you’re just starting out, returning from a long break, or you’re a regular walker, here’s a four-week plan that will maximize your results.

Five signs of magnesium deficiency!

Without magnesium, our body cannot function properly. That’s why it’s important to recognize signs in time that we’re deficient in magnesium.

How will Mercury Retrograde affect every sign

For some zodiac signs, May could be the most intense month of the year. No wonder, astrologically speaking, this spring month has a lot on its repertoire.

Hot diet: Kourtney’s special ‘cleansing’

Kourtney Kardashian reveals that her relationship is more passionate thanks to a special 'cleansing'.