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Jennifer announces the funniest moment from the set of “Friends”

Actress Jennifer Aniston is still excited, and she posted photos from the set of filming the special episode "Friends: The Reunion" on her Instagram account.

After two years, Taylor Swift comes back the movie screens!

Pop star Taylor Swift will once again have the opportunity to appear on the big screen. Namely, she will appear in the latest feature film by David O. Russell.

Dolly Parton sleeps with a full face of make-up every night for a bizarre reason!

American singer Dolly Parton admitted that despite the recommendations of dermatologists and beauticians, she sleeps with makeup every night for only one reason.

A brave American woman pushed a bear out of the yard to save the dogs

A seventeen-year-old American woman bravely pushed a large bear out of the yard of her house to save her dogs from it.

Brad Pitt flirted with the 21 years younger actress, and he took her phone number

- They flirted backstage, and they also exchanged numbers - the source revealed what was happening between Brad Pitt and Andra Day

Courteney Cox’s ex-husband : I cried after my relationship with another woman, it was the end …

- After the first girl I slept with ... A few days later ... I cried. It was the end of all the intimacy that I shared with my wife ... - said, David Arquette

The host criticized Megan and Harry again: They are full of self-pity and are abusing their family!

- They never complain, give crying interviews or publicly slander the family. They are always extremely kind and polite, which is refreshingly different from their narcissistic, self-pitying relatives in California, who abuse their family - said Pierce Morgan

“What Kate has achieved is even better than what Princess Diana did.”

She comes from a middle-class family and that is exactly why she is stable, which is why William stands firmly on the ground

WhatsApp terms will not limit the basic functions of the application!

There was a lot of drama about the controversial terms of using the WhatsApp application, here is what they say from the Facebook company.