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Best budget hotels in Paris

There are more than 2,000 hotels in Paris and their number is growing every year. There is an amazing range of options, from four-bed hostels in rooms, charming boutique hotels to luxury five-star hotels, where large apartments can cost as much as $ 36,000 a night.

How to travel on a budget

We all love to travel, but our finances rarely allow us to visit just about any destination we want. Touring the country and abroad usually requires more serious investment, so more and more people are consciously avoiding them.

Top 7 Cuban adventures

Cuba may be a fascinating country that most people flock to in order to see "vintage" cars, beautiful colonial architecture, dance salsa, and enjoy miles of beaches, but it's not just that…

9 exciting reasons to visit Mexico City

If there is one city that will satisfy different types of people, from adventurers through art lovers to those who are exclusively interested in the gastro scene, it is definitely Mexico City.

Top 10 places for New Year trip – according to experts

It is that time of year when you just need to escape your everyday routine and see some new amazing places. Mulled wine, Christmas city decorations, fireworks, and festive spirit are guaranteed in the destinations we listed below.

Take a peek at the castle in Wales allegedly haunted by its former owner

Gwrych Castle in North Wales was built in the early 1800s and abandoned several decades ago. Today, it is a tourist attraction of this region. The property, often used as a set for TV series and movies, is said to be haunted by its former owner.

In this “Stupid” hotel you can stay for only 1 euro – under one bizarre condition

A hotel in Italy has gone a step further in the hospitality industry - it offers a unique reality-show stay experience.

Glass bridge in China became a tourist attraction: “We thought the photos were fake”

The first designs of this miraculous bridge were the target of criticism, because people were convinced that the final design would be drastically different from the original idea of ​​the constructor.

Tourists flock to the ugliest city in the world

The Belgian city of Charleroi was proclaimed the ugliest city in the world 12 years ago.