Channing Tatum prepares ‘Magic Mike 3’ for HBO Max

Photo Credits : Alamy Stock Photo

The brand ‘ Magic Mike ‘ still brings joy to Channing Tatum. The 2012 movie earned criticisms and acclaim and more than $ 100 million. Tatum saw the value of this stripper’s story and created a live show around the world as a contest to find the next ‘Magic Mike’. But now he’s ready to go back on stage and take his clothes off one last time. ‘Magic Mike 3’ is already underway.

A big surprise this time is Steven Soderbergh, one of the biggest filmmakers. He was not in charge of ‘ Magic Mike XXL ‘, which was directed by Gregory Jacobs. 

But, that is not all. This time it will not go through theaters and the premiere will be directly on HBO Max. Nor has it been announced who will return with Tatum’s Magic Mike.In these two parts we saw actors like Matthew McConaughey, Alex Petifer, Joe Manganiello, Matt Bomer, Adam Rodrigue and others.





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